Customer Testimonials

  • 2/5/18

    We both LOVE the silks. Great job! All I can say is YAY! and Thanks! The silks are BEYOND perfect! GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    — Bonnie
  • 1/15/18

    The lawn jockey arrive and my parents are thrilled. My Dad loved it! It came out really well.

    — Gracemarie
  • 1/8/18

    I wanted to thank you again for the time and consideration you provided in arriving at the desired result. I look forward to working with you again in the future.

    — Rick
  • 1/8/18

    I received the pins today. I love them!! They are exactly what I was looking for! Thanks again for your patience and guidance on this project. I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

    — Michaela
  • 10/26/17

    You & your team are awesome – thank you so much for alleviating our Emergency!!!

    — Anastasie
  • 10/23/17

    Received the silks today, and they are nothing short of perfect. Beautifully made – the real deal. Wow! I know you guys run a serious business for some very serious riders, but I hope you know you’re going to put a gigantic smile on a budding little rider’s face. Thanks so much for your exceptional service and product. We are truly grateful.

    — Lem
  • 9/18/17

    The silks are beautiful and the cap cover is perfect! Thanks so much for all your diligence in making it right!

    — Lisa
  • 9/7/17

    Just wanted to let you know we love our silks, you do an amazing job and we couldn’t be happier! We actually went to Delaware Park to see our horses and our trainer asked us who we got the silks from that everyone has been asking him, they all love them! We did get a win our first time out with them, I have attached the photo you are more than welcome to use it for you website or advertising. We will be putting in another order soon!

    — Dawn
  • 7/12/17

    We received the silks today and they are very beautiful! Thank you very much for the great job that you all did!

    — Mark
  • 5/31/17

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and attention to detail. I would totally recommend you to anyone!

    — Heather
  • 2/13/17

    I received the blinkers today and they are PERFECT!!! Thank you for being so quick!

    — Brenda
  • 1/9/17

    The shirts came and they look GREAT – thank you!

    — Eirini
  • 12/29/16

    I just wanted to let you know that I received the Nyquist racing silk & it turned out great!! Thanks so much!

    — Erica
  • 12/2/16

    I finally got to see the silks, they are FANTASTIC! Thank you so much!

    — Susan
  • 11/6/16

    Our silks were the best looking silks in our race last week at Woodbine!

    — Anne
  • 11/5/16

    We got our silks and are very happy with them. Fingers, toes & hooves crossed we have a winner’s picture for you very soon. Also, we’ll be sure to brag where we got our beautiful silks at!

    — Danielle
  • 8/6/16

    Silks are ABSOLUTELY beautiful! Blinkers are GREAT!!! Paddock bag is nice as well.
    Thank you VERY much for it all!!!!

    — Peter
  • 6/8/16

    Just opened the silk. It’s beautiful about to hang it on the wall in the golf shop until Labor Day weekend. Thank you so much!

    — Matt
  • 6/7/16

    The mini framed silks are so beautiful! I Wouldn’t expect anything else, thank you so much!

    — Matt
  • 5/17/16

    The silks were beautiful – everyone was amazed at how they were the real deal – they kept asking to touch them! Thank you again for a beautiful product and for wonderful customer service (I would have been in trouble under the stage’s bright lights if you had not given me the secret of wearing tights under the pants!).

    — Christina
  • 5/6/16

    Hi Ryan,

    We received them today 🙂 They couldn’t be more perfect!!! Can’t wait to give them to Mark and Deb….

    Thank you!

    — Brenda
  • 4/6/16


    They have arrived and I am BEYOND happy with the colors and the quality. You guys did an amazing job and I can’t thank you enough for the quick turnaround and how awesome you were to work with!

    — Shana Douglas — Chain Manager- Estate Division Republic National Distributing Company
  • 3/22/16


    I just arrived home and I saw the silks, they look amazing! Thanks a lot again.

    — Kraigg
  • 12/23/15


    I received the blankets. They look fantastic. Thank you very much.

    — Robert
  • 12/22/15

    Good morning Ryan thank you again!!!! Matt received his jacket and loves it 🙂

    — Patty
  • 12/22/15

    Hi Ryan,
    The framed silks came yesterday they are awesome! Thank you very much happy holidays and New Year to you and your family.

    — George
  • 12/22/15


    I have uncrated the framed silks and….it is fantastic Ryan. There is definitely a wow factor! My dad is 82 has been battling cancer and this display of his silks will make his Christmas!

    Merry Christmas,

    — Craig – P.S. Next time we need new silks for the track you have my order.
  • 12/15/15


    Thanks for a wonderful job. The silks look great, Thank you!

    — John
  • 8/1/15

    Hi Ryan,

    I picked up the package yesterday and the framed silk looks great! Thank you for your efforts to make this right for us!

    Best regards,

    — Dan
  • 3/12/15

    We got the silks and they are BEYOND AMAZING!! We love them and the flag FAR exceeded our expectations! You did an outstanding job! We couldn’t be happier!! Thank you so much!

    — Erica
  • 3/2/15

    Hey just got those blinkers in today. They look great! Was a lil concerned bout the red but it all looks really nice! Can’t wait to run a race but I don’t if my horses are worthy of carrying these silks lol! Thanks a lot Ryan!

    — Byron
  • 1/27/15

    I just got those silks in today and I love them! You did a very nice job with them. I can’t believe they look exactly like the sketches. They look very unique. Great job!!!

    — Byron
  • 10/20/14

    Hi Ryan,

    I wanted to let you know that we LOVE our new custom flag. Thanks for your help designing it!

    — Brian
  • 8/1/14

    The saddle towels were delivered today. The girls will go crazy when they see them! Fantastic job.

    Thank you,

    — Scott
  • 1/21/14

    I just got the silks and I LOVE THEM!!!! They are fabulous, better than I ever could have imagined. I think they will be lucky.

    Thanks again,

    — Betty
  • 1/6/14

    We got the silks on Saturday! We love them!! Thank you sooooo much!!! Let’s hope we see them in the winner’s circle this week! The roadrunner you picked out turned out AWESOME!!! So glad we went with it. Talk to you soon!

    — JH
  • 10/31/13

    The silks were on our doorstep at 1:00 pm yesterday and they look beautiful! It pays to go with the best.

    Thanks so much,

    — Richmond
  • 6/4/13

    Just a note to let you know the silks arrived this morning and I’m very pleased. The color and design will look good on a liver chestnut. Namely on one “Lady Paolla”.

    Thanks Again,

    — Steve
  • 4/27/13

    Got the silks and flag today, they look great! Thank you so much!

    — Hector
  • 4/5/13

    I just received them, y’all did an amazing job!!!!

    — Marcus
  • 12/17/12

    I am so impressed by Ryan Daly. She is such a professional and truly a pleasure to deal with. I needed a duplicate order of something I had ordered almost 5 years ago and she knew exactly what I needed. I could not believe how quick and attentive she is. Makes you feel like you have known her years! And the quality of every product I have ordered has been superior. I will always recommend Daly’s! Thank you for another great job and thank you Ryan for all your help.

    — Sean
  • 12/11/12

    Thank you so much for the silk bag for the stable. When taking the horses to the paddock before a race the crew always needs a bag to take supplies. Just the other day they were looking around for bags. This will be perfect and will be easy to spot, it looks great. Such a nice gift. I hope you are doing well. Thanks again and have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday season.

    — Dean
  • 10/12/12

    The framed silks arrived today and look great!

    — Chris
  • 7/25/12

    Today the huge big container with the racing colours arrived there were a couple of problems as I was not at home when the courier arrived on two occasions, but today was success day I have only just finished opening it, and I am absolutely delighted with the result.?Thank you for all your efforts I am very appreciative. Thank you once again.

    With Best Wishes,

    — Jan
  • 6/19/12

    The flags were a big hit at our Rehearsal dinner. Clements Catering has never had custom ones used for a bride and groom at an event at the Kentucky Derby Museum! The wedding photographer came to our Rehearsal Dinner and hopefully got some good pictures that I will share as soon as they are ready! The official Churchill Downs bugler, Steve Buttleman, played the “Call to Post” and “Our Old Kentucky Home” in his full dress before dinner between the two flags!


    — Anne
  • 1/30/12

    Just wanted to let you know that we received our silks on Saturday. They are absolutely beautiful and what a nice job. Sent the two jockeys that ride for us a picture of them and they are fighting over which one of them is going to wear them first. I know everyone at the track is going to ask where we got them. Maybe we can send some business your way.

    Thanks again for helping us with our order and for the GREAT JOB!!!


    — Nancy & Richard
  • 1/6/12

    The silks turned out awesome. Everyone in the family really liked them. My uncle said that you also made silks for him and he wasn’t surprised at all how good they came out. I think he is jealous because I got the blanket too! Hopefully they are lucky and I can send you a winner’s circle photo or ten!

    Thanks Again,

    — Dustin
  • 8/27/11

    I got the silks and blinkers yesterday. We love them. Great job.


    — John
  • 8/24/10

    I just wanted to say thank you. The silks were in action last Thursday at Saratoga. If you go to and scroll down to video replays you can see for yourself. Scroll down to the race labeled 8/19 Deciphering Dreams. Just the title will let you know we didn’t win but I think you’ll be able to pick the silks out regardless. Let’s hope the time comes where we’ll need to re-order.

    Enjoy the rest of your summer,

    — John
  • 8/13/09

    I was afraid to email you last week, we were rained out and were unable to shoot the episode until yesterday!! However, everyone was duly impressed and it all looked great. The race itself was too far for me to get any good pics – but there will be continuity photos, which I will send.

    Thanks again for everyone’s herculean effort.

    — Frances
  • 7/31/09

    It all arrived – wow they are lovely. No corners cut – first rate quality – please compliment the cutters and sewers.

    Enjoy your holidays,

    — Frances
  • 10/23/08

    Hi, I just wanted to let you know that we received our rushed silks order this morning and that the filly we had running today won her race at Keeneland. The silks looked so good, and you got them here in record time. Thank you so much for the great service and for being so helpful in following up and getting the order sent so quickly. It was great to see her come home in our colors. Her name was Downtown Drifter and she won in the 7th race today. We will definitely call you guys in the future and refer you to our friends.

    Thanks again,

    — Julie
  • 9/27/07

    I just wanted to thank you for the silks, which arrived this morning. It is exactly what I wanted and beautifully made! The fabric and colors are fabulous.

    Best regards,

    — Anne
  • “Horse Race was the biggest hit of the year! No one knew of the silks, until 15 minutes prior to the event. Thanks so much for the rush order: we will be calling you next year. Isn’t this group picture great!”

    — Rick Collins – Golf Professional
  • “I just wanted to write and thank your company for the fabulous job you did on the Christmas present for my father. The decorative racing silks flag turned out perfectly… it got here in plenty of time, and the colors matched dad’s silks exactly. Dad ended up bringing it to friends’ houses just to show it off!!! I’m sure by now it’s already hanging in front of his house.

    It was the best present opened Christmas day, which made both my father and me happy. Thanks again for your great work!”

    — Meghan
  • “Dear Mr. Daly,

    My sincere apologies for not having written to you earlier. We received our silks a few months ago and we were ecstatic about them! The Workmanship is superb, and the match of colors from blinkers to silks is outstanding. I’m sure we presented a bit of a challenge with are colors, but you met the challenge with all we could have hoped for and more. The “extras” in your work are noticed and appreciated. We certainly recommend your company and professionalism.

    Thanks again – Well done!”

    — Pamela
  • “The new banner made its debut Saturday night @ our Annual Dinner a huge hit. I cannot begin to count the number of compliments we received. I know we will be displaying it and marching proudly behind it this year and for years to come.”

    — Terence M. McHugh – President – AOH Division 9 Bloomfield, NJ 07003