The Daly's Difference

When your horse enters the winner’s circle, your racing colors should look their best because they are your racing trademark. By choosing Daly’s to make your racing silks, you can be sure they will. Since 1974, we have been designing and creating the finest racing apparel available in the industry. We specialize in custom design and take great pride in creating your racing silks to match your stable colors and logo. Daly’s Custom Racing Apparel is proud to be the only silks manufacturer to offer a lifetime guarantee on the construction of your jockey silks. Your silks will be expertly crafted with the highest quality materials available, and will endure regular use, laundering and weather. Please visit our FAQ’s page for more information about our lifetime guarantee.

Upon request, we will mail samples of colors and fabrics for you to choose from. We are approved by the New York Jockey Club to assist with your silks registration, if needed. Should you have any questions or would like additional information or assistance in designing your silks, please contact us. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce you to Daly’s, we look forward to hearing from you!

Daly’s Silks (Left) VS. the Competition (Right):

  • Daly’s

    Daly's Aero SilksDaly’s Aero Silks

  • The Competition

    The Competition's Aero SilksThe Competition’s Aero Silks

  • Daly's Bow Tie & CollarDaly’s Bow Tie & Collar
  • The Competition's Bow Tie & CollarThe Competition’s Bow Tie & Collar
  • Daly's Front Seam & Logo AppliqueFront Seam & Logo Applique
  • The Competition's Front Seam & Logo AppliqueThe Competition’s Front Seam & Logo Applique
  • Daly's Shoulder TabDaly’s Shoulder Tab
  • The Competition's Shoulder TabThe Competition’s Shoulder Tab
  • Daly's Sleeve CuffDaly’s Sleeve Cuff
  • The Competition's Sleeve CuffThe Competition’s Sleeve Cuff